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Anything thats worth thinking starts here

It's a lighter that has panels on three sides one on the left and right and one on top so it can block the wind when going ouside when it rains or to windy.

Did you ever wonder if there was a away to keep shoe longer than its regular lifespan. If a cars and planes can replace the parts that are old and damage why not shoes well here it is possible think in like puting lego pieces together to build a castle. It will be durable like a regular shoes youll see in online or in stores, but changeable with limitless combinations of possibility.

Do you ever wish that you didnt have to mess up your hands with gel covering your hands feeling sticky at the end everytime you wanna aplly gel into your hair with this special comb it has a built in contanier that holds the gel and distribute it evenly form the bristles.

This invetion will change the world that i know because this uses wifi waves or signals to charge your phone, computer and tablety you plug the device into the socket that wiil be setup by the app that connects to your wifi be it your router or your own personal wifi hotspot. When that happens the plug will show the Wifi signal symbol turn blue when that happens the other device connects to you phone, computer and tablet charge port that turns on with a green light that has the wifi symbol. Inside the attachment is a small modem that statrts to create ellectrice that goes in a "Rinse and Repeat" cycle until it reaches 100% and then turns off saving little energy to do the process of "Rinse and Repeat" again. This would make portable chargers obsolete because it connect to an available wifi without using a socket to charge it self if need be.