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Welcome to IF

Thinking is harder then doing the actual work because when the work is done you accomplish what you started but thought can change threw the process of new ideas that can change the way the idea is layed out to the very END.

We put the IF in innovation

where the creative thoughts become reality

where one idea can change the way we use a product to make are lives easier

Here's one invetion i thought many years ago just lying in the back of my idea file on my ipad. What IF you had a snow shovel that can melt the snow and break the ice at the sametime that has a small eletiric motor that is chargeble that heats up the blade snow shovel while having the cuting ege that moves back and forth that can break the ice with easy, the handel is made up a steel shaft that is bendable for easy storge with little effort to the consumer who docent have to put alot of energy to themselves and docent hurt there back.

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